• Fernandes Cruise Ship

    This is the Ferandes sailing ship, it is a Turkish Gullet and moored at Comino's Blue Lagoon, whilst the passengers are enjoying a swim in the crystal clear water.
  • Azure Window

    Azure Window - Gozo Coastline

    The Azure Window is a 50 metre high rock arch in the Dwejra Point cliffs of Gozo Island. The sea has worn a hole through a narrow headland forming "the window" called it-Tieqa in Maltese.
  • Comino Blue lagoon

    Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

    The Blue Lagoon, is a "must" for any visitors sightseeing schedule, the water is very blue and for those of you that like to snorkel or dive you can find a great variety of marine life.
  • Seige Bell

    The Seige Bell Memorial, erected, 1992 to honour over 7000 people who lost their lives in the WW II Siege of Malta, 1940 –1943. Located at the entrance to The Grand Harbour of Vallette.
  • Luzu fishing boat

    Maltese Fishing Boat

    The Luzu is a unique Maltese fishing boat, painted in the traditional colours of red, blue and yellow, it is a sturdy and reliable sea craft and can be put to sea in almost every kind of weather.
  • night at Grand harbour

    Malta's Grand Harbour at Night

    The Grand Harbour (in Maltese: Il-Port il-Kbir) is a natural harbour, used as such since the Phoenician times; it has extensive docks and wharves and has been massively fortified.
  • Maltese Vedette

    The Vedette

    The famous Malta landmark, the Sentry (with eyes and ears each side) Vedette, on the Senglea Bastion overlooking Grand Harbour.
  • horse and cart with bus

    Traditional Maltese Transport

    The Malta buses are unique, due to ownership of the buses by the drivers which they have personally customised. They also look unique due to in-house maintenance, local rebuilding or modifying of bus bodies. Several buses are no longer in service anywhere else in the world.
  • Valletta malta

    Valletta Skyline

    Valletta is the capital of Malta, colloquially known as Il-Belt (English: The City) in Maltese. Valletta port is fortified, built by the Knights as a magnificent series of bastions, demi-bastions, ravelins and curtains, approximately 100 metres (330 ft) high, all contribute to the unique architectural quality of the city.