"The Best of Gozo, Comino - Extra"
Experience Both Islands All In One Day - Information

"The Best of Gozo & Comino -Extra" - Cruise Details

"The Best of Gozo & Comino
Duration: Full Day
During: April to October 2012
£38.00: per adult
£22.00: per child

Azure Window Gozo
Rabat, Victoria, Gozo Island, Malta
Rotunda Church, Xewkija, Gozo, Malta
Gozo Island Xlendi Bay
Gozo Island Ta Pinu
Azure Window Gozo
Dahlet Qorrot Gozo
Blue Lagoon, Comino
Comino Bay
Comino Caves
Comino coastline
St. Marys tower, Comino
Waterfront, Malta

Captain Morgan cruise boat - cruising Malta coast

A full day of intrigue, packed with amazing sights of delightful beauty, historic villages overflowing with character, culture and enchantment, experience impressive awe-inspiring nature first hand.

Your party will be picked up from your hotel and taken to Sliema Harbour.

Board the cruise boat at Sliema harbour to start your cruise, leave Sliema Creek, into the Mediterranean Sea, cruising northwards to visit the two islands, which are part of the Maltese archipelago.

You will cruise to Mgarr Harbour, on the mythical island of Gozo (also known as 'Calypso' which was said to be the home of the nymph Calypso in Homer's Odyssey). Whilst on Gozo you will be taken on a land excursion to many places of interest including several typical villages unique to the enchanting Island of Gozo.

From Gozo Island, you will then cruise to the sister island of Comino (so called after the abundance of cumin seed, which flourished there). Comino is known for its tranquility and isolation a paradise island with it's spectacular crystal clear waters of the 'Blue Lagoon' (ideal for swimming and snorkelling). Comino Island, is a bird sanctury and nature reserve with a population of only four people and no road traffic. Whilst at Comino you will have the opportunity to stroll and enjoy the peace and quiet of this blissful island.

Leaving Comino Island you will cruise back home towards Sliema via Malta's north-east coast with it's spectacular coastline, passing Mellieha Bay, St. Paul's Islands, Bahar ic-Caghaq, St. Andrews, St. Julians, Sliema promenard, around Tinge Point to enter Sliema Creek, where you will disembark at the end of a lovely day.

Your party will board the mini bus at Sliema harbour and transferred back home to your hotel (or pre-arranged pick up point).

If you are seeking a cruise which takes you to paradise and mythical islands filled with interest, charm and fascinating sightseeing; indulge your interest in culture and nature, have a fasination for history, enjoy viewing unique features, inspiring vistas and want to experience them for yourself with time to explore many wonderful and exciting places, then this is for you.

"The Best of Gozo & Comino -Extra " - Information: Price Details

"The Best of Gozo & Comino Extra"
Information: Price Details

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Adult: £38.00
Child: £22.00 (Under 12 years)

Preis:Erwachsene £38.00
Preis: Kinder unter 12 Jahren £22.00

Adultes: £38.00
Enfant (moins de 12 ans): £22.00

Adulti: £32.00
Bambini (sotto i 12 anni) £22.00

Price Includes

Free use of on board facilities - including Free Wi-Fi

FREE: for children under 4 years of age.

Transport to and from your hotel is provided. If you do not require hotel transfers (please see "The Best of Gozo & Comino". Lunch and entrance to sites and attractions not included in the price.

In order to allow enough time for booking to be fully processed by all parties, we advise that bookings should be made a minimum of 10 working days in advance, please view our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

To ensure availability and to avoid disappointment, advanced bookings are recommended. Groups accepted.

"The Best of Gozo & Comino -Extra " - Information: Cruise Schedule & Times

"The Best of Gozo & Comino"
Information:Cruise Schedule & Times

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April to October 2012
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
no yes no yes no no no
Departure Time: 9.30am
Return Time: 4.30pm
Departures From Silema Marina

Please Note:The company reserve the right to alter or cancel this cruise according to prevailing weather conditions.

"The Best of Gozo & Comino - Extra" - Information: Transportation

"The Best of Gozo & Comino Extra"
Information: Transportation

Boat wheel

Excursion: By sea: via Cruise Boat.

Captain Morgan cruise boats have ample deck space for roaming about the boat and enjoying the fresh air or enjoying the sunshine. It boasts a well stocked bar. The vessel has full toilet facilities for your convenience, safety equipment, medical necessities (first aid) and are properly licenced and insured as cruise boats in accordance of local regulations for your security and peace of mind.

Your Pick Up Location.

There are many pick up points all over the Island of Malta, located near major hotels. Details of the time and nearest pick up location most suitable for your party will be sent to you via email upon completion of booking.

Please note: if pick up and drop off to your hotel (or pre arranged location point) is not required and you wish to make your own way to Silema Harbour in ample time, prior to departure of cruise boat(please see "The Best of Gozo & Comino".

"The Best of Gozo & Comino - Extra" - Information: Extra

"The Best of Gozo & Comino Extra"
Information: Extra

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Cruise Operator: Captain Morgan Cruises.

Add a remarkable experience to your to-do list whilst in Malta.

Your excursion will begin with collection from your hotel and taken to board the boat bound for Gozo and Comino Islands, at Sliema harbour.

Full day excursion, sailing to the Maltese islands of, Gozo and the island of Comino, with an impressive coastline of dramatic cliffs, coves an inlets. Whilst touring these islands you will visit various places of interest and see numerous natural attractions.

A full day excursion with panoramic views of the Maltese coastline en route. Cruise towards the island of Gozo to Mgarr harbour where upon arrival you will be greeted by our official representive who will escort you for an exciting land excursion.

We drive through many picturesque villages of Gozo, such as:

  • Mgarr, which is the largest fishing village on Gozo as well as a ferry terminal and a yacht marina. Fort Chambray (1749) built by the Knights of St. John overlooks Mgarr harbour.
  • Xewkija which is the oldest village in Gozo it is located between Ghajnsielem and the capital town, Victoria. Xewkija, is known for it's dominating domed Rotunda church, which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.
  • Xlendi, was a small fishing port and has one of the prettiest idyllic landlocked bay's on Gozo, famous for it's majestic cliffs and glorious blue green waters and very popular with artists and photographers.
  • Victoria is the capital of Gozo, changed from Rabat in 1897 by the British government on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. Rabat is the old name referd to by Gozitans. Rabat (Victoria) is situated on a hill near the centre of the island, has been settled since Neolithic times, it is home to the famous Catacombs of St. Paul and of St. Agatha. These catacombs were used in Roman times to bury the dead (Mdina, parts of Rabat are built on top of an ancient Roman city).
  • The Citadel, located in the heart of Victoria has been the centre of activity of Gozo since Neolithic times. It was first fortified during the Bronze Age approximately around 1500 BC. Later developed by the Phoenicians and continued into becoming a complex Acropolis by Roman times.
  • Gharb is a village located at the westernmost point of Gozo, in some of Gozo's most scenic countryside, centuries ago it was a small hamlet. You can see its ancient roots in the centre of the village where some houses have fine examples of decorated stone balconies. The village square,is uintessentially Gozitan and featured on many paintings and postcards.
  • Ta'Pinu Basilica: The National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu.
  • Dwejra: is perhaps the archipelago's most spectacular natural landmark. The 'Inland Sea' is an inland lagoon in Dwejra and Dwejra Bay, were created millions of years ago due to the collaps of two limestone caves. The inland lagoon is linked to the sea via a 100 metre cave in the cliff.
  • The Azure Window: (the most photographed vistas of Gozo) an amazing natural landmark in Dwejra, along with The Inland Sea and Fungus Rock. The Azure Window is located at the end of the cliff, it is a dramatic giant doorway, through which you can admire the panoramic blue expanse beyond the cliff.
  • After visiting the mythical island of Gozo we return to Mgarr harbour to board the vessel for the next leg of the cruise.

Paradise Island of Comino.

You will have a spectacular view of the coast of Gozo Island as you cruise away from of Mgarr Harbour in a south easterly direction towards the island of Comino, which is sandwiched between the islands of Gozo and Malta.

Comino was once inhabited by farmers during it's Roman occupation, however, it is currently a nature reserve and bird sanctuary and measures 1.35 square miles (3.5 km2) in area. Comino does not have traffic and has a population of four residents; it is known for its isolation and tranquillity. Comino is acclaimed for it’s impressive ‘Blue Lagoon’ with crystal clear cyan waters, a paradise for paddlers, swimmers, snorkelers and divers.

Once anchored, you will have approximately thirty minutes to stroll around and absorb the peacefulness of this Paradise Island at your leisure.

Leaving Comino Island we cruise down the north east coast of Malta towards our homeward bound destination of Sliema Harbour, passing many memorable and spectacular sights of the Maltese coastline on the way.

Your mini bus will be waiting for you to take you back home to your hotel.

"The Best of Gozo & Comino - Extra " - Information: Cruise Locations

"The Best of Gozo & Comino Extra"
Information: Cruise Locations

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Settle back, sunbath, explore or just relax and enjoy yourself whilst cruising close to the coastline of North Malta en route to the magical islands of Gozo and Comino surrounded by the azure waters of the Maltese isles.

CRUISING - We cruise from the Sliema Marina passing Sliema promenard around Tinge Point, St. Julians, Mellieha Bay. Cruising past St.Paul's Island where it was said that, Saint Paul was shipwrecked in AD.60 and consequently, bringing Christianity to the Maltese Isles. North westward towards the luscious green, sister island of Gozo. En route you can enjoy spectacular views of massive cliffs, coves and inlets which can only be viewed from sea.

GOZO ISLAND: Visitin many villges, places of interest and attractions.

COMINO - BLUE LAGOON - After Gozo will up anchor and cruise towards the tranquil island of Comino with picturesque Blue Lagoon.

HOME - after taking time out on Comino island, we cruise back along the North coast of Malta and on to Sliema Marina where we will disembark at the end of a memorable day. You will then transfer to your mini bus for a relaxing drive to your hotel.

If cruising Malta's coastline and visiting the amazing Gozo Island then cruising to the beautiful paradise island of Comino is for you - then this is the cruise!

This cruise is specially programmed to give the maximum time at the Island's of Gozo and Comino, where you will have the unique opportunity to make the most of the unforgettable sights, including the Azure Window and the crystal clear waters of the magical Blue Lagoon.

"The Best of Gozo & Comino - Extra" - Information: Photo Opportunities and Sightseeing

"The Best of Gozo & Comino Extra"
Information: Photo Opportunities and Sightseeing

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This cruise offers endless photo opportunities for some of the worlds most famous landmarks of Malta, with wealth of history and culture. Offering panoramic views of the North East Coast of Malta, the amazing Gozo Island with it's historic villages, dramatic natural features, and the enchanting island of Comino, with wealth of fantastic opportunities to inspire the photographer: including including a variety vessels of all sizes cruising in the Mediterranean Sea - sea fish and birds. See photo gallery at the top of this page for a small sample.